About Me

About me the frugal mrs jones

My name is Jennifer Jones.

I started out life as Jennifer White but four years ago I married Mr. Jones and became The Frugal Mrs. Jones.

I love finding ways to live frugally that ENHANCE your life not make you feel like you are missing out on the things you want to do. When you invest in being frugal in every aspect of your life – from what you eat, to where you shop, to how you research the products you buy – being frugal can truly be a joy.

When you buy a vacuum cleaner that is going to last you 10 years because you did your research or make a delicious, healthy meal that your family loved for less that a single meal would cost in a restaurant, the satisfaction can be significant.

Living frugally is not about doing without, it is about doing better!

Let me know if you have something to contribute. If I think it suits my audience I would be more than happy to consider it.

If you would like me to write about something email me at jennifer@thefrugalmrsjones.org.