Write for Me!

Hi there,

So if you are on this page then chances are you are thinking about sending me a guest post to put up on my blog, right?

Well, you’re in luck because – I accept guest posts!

But there a few conditions.

Here are some things to start off:

  1. I know that you may have the best of intentions but know that the majority of submissions that come through are pure spam.
  2. Still, I’m not willing to completely cut off the idea of guest-contributors. Living at optimum frugality has always been easier when advice comes from all angles and perspectives so I see allowing other contributors on the blog as a great opportunity not just for my readers but for myself to grow and learn

With that in mind below are my requirements if you want to write a contribution to The Frugal Mrs Jones.

What types of guest posts should you write for me?

If you can tie it to the idea of improving day-to-day life then I am more than happy to have a look at it. The best articles draw on the writer’s own experiences and the ones I like are practically helpful to the reader. I like the reader to be able to finish the article and be able to use it immediately.

Try to make sure that the topic isn’t already covered on the website with a quick search. I don’t want to be reductive with the articles I post on my website and avoid covering the same article over and over. If you find a similar article on the website consider sending through suggestions on how it could be improved and I will note your contribution.

How should you format it? What should the word count be?

What your article looks like will depend on its subject matter. If it is a purely text-based, traditional style blog post I generally like it to be over 800 words. However, if you are submitting a frugal recipe or a largely image based post.

Make sure you format your post so that it is appealing to web readers (break up paragraphs when possible, use bulleted lists and subheadings)

Can I link in the guest post?

I understand that part of the motivation of you wanting to submit a post to the website is to get a link back to your own but please, please, please make sure any link you put in the body of your article is relevant to what you are talking about and provides valuable information to the reader. I will remove links that seem to be promotional or may dismiss the article altogether even if it is good quality.

You may include a link to the homepage of your website in your biography.

I don’t want to spam my readers and, to be honest, neither do you. If I was the kind of blog that spammed my readers, getting an article posted here wouldn’t be worth very much to you, would it?

I do offer an opportunity for those who would like a promotional link which can be done within a sponsored post but I will still not allow exact match keyword anchor text.

Content must be unique

Guest posts must be original. Sorry that is just the way it goes.

Profile Picture and Bio

I use WordPress so to include a picture you need to sign up to Gravatar with the email you send me the article with (or if you already have a Gravatar account let me know which email to use).

Send your desired biography to me with your article.


Providing images is a big plus. I will provide a featured image to maintain the ‘look’ of the website but images included in the body of the article make your article look a lot more attractive.

Please ensure you own the rights to all images you use, or, if not, use correct attribution to the owner or creative-commons images. If I have any trouble with people claiming that you have stolen their image without proper attribution, I will remove the post.

Time until your article is reviewed

I try to get to all article requests within 14 days but depending on what is going on in my life it may take longer.

If I do not want to use your article I may not respond (sorry). This doesn’t mean I won’t accept an article from you in the future, just that the one you sent isn’t the best fit for the website.

Next steps

If you are comfortable and agree with the above then you can send an email to jennifer@thefrugalmrsjones.org. Make sure to include the phrase “FRUGAL GUEST POST” so I don’t pass over it as spam and so I know you have taken the time to go through the above.