7 Ways To Live Frugally Without Sacrificing A Thing

It’s easy to accept the wrong attitude in today’s world. Everyone seems to live in excess and we consume more than we physically should in almost every aspect of our lives.

It’s easy to lose site of what we really need to live happily and healthily through all the muck we deem necessary.

When you step back for a moment, you begin to see things realistically. Sometimes it just takes an extra push – the fizzling out of a friendship no longer worth your time, the loss of something you thought you needed, but actually did better without. Finding something you cherished after years without it. Rekindling a relationship at the right time.

One of the easiest ways to live frugally is to learn how to distinguish between wants, needs and impulses. Prioritisation of these three categories will allow you to get real value out of a frugal lifestyle, and life in general.

Read on for our tips on living frugally, not because you have to, but because it’s for the best.



Your wardrobe says a lot about you


Open one’s wardrobe and let the truth be told. What we own, how much we own and the condition of our clothes speak more about a person than anything. We can easily tell who’s excessive, conservative, who’s simple, extravagant, who’s classic, free-spirited, who plays it safe and who’s out to turn heads.

If you’re hoarding clothes that no longer tell your story, you’re only doing yourself a disservice. Hold onto clothes that are practical, comfortable and flattering on you and we guarantee they’ll be the pieces you wear to death. And that’s exactly what you want.

If you find a piece that really speaks to you, buy it. But promise yourself you’ll ditch something you already have in its place. This way, you’ll only hold onto clothes you wear, and interestingly, you’ll feel like you have more options. Why? Because the clothes you love aren’t hidden away behind that ancient sweater.



Your friends define you, so choose them wisely


Quality friendships are important. But you should never compromise quality for quantity. There are only so many friends you can see between work, family, appointments and running errands. So make sure the people in your life are special; make sure they’re worth maintaining.

Your friends also define you. You’ll become more like the people you hang out with on a regular basis. Your friends should inspire you, so if they’re not – or worse – if they’re being downright bad friends, it’s time to move on and find better ones.



Romance your wallet & your loved one with Groupon


Groupon has amazing deals you should utilise. There’s no use spending $100 on dinner for two when you can spend half that.

Will it be the wallet or your wife? No need to choose – why not enjoy a candlelit dinner or weekend getaway with your loved one and keep your wallet happy, too.



Be healthy


There’s literally no single downfall to being healthy. Okay – we lie. Being healthy does take willpower, and sometimes a little time and effort. But it’s well worth it. Not only will you look and feel your best, your confidence will increase, your productivity will skyrocket and your you’ll save on expensive medical bills down the track.

Unfortunately, medical visits aren’t always pop-in, pop-out. They can lead to follow-up appointments, referrals to specialists, and if it wasn’t expensive enough, you’re now racking up some serious debt. All of this can be avoided if you take a little time-out for yourself each day.

If you’re ready to make a change, check out this health and wellness blog for inspiration. Learn how to cook wholesome meals, maintain a sustainable work-out regime and live better overall. While you’re at it, saving money on health cover can be as simple as a quick comparison. Free money, anyone?



Compare compare, compare


Our last point brings us here. There are a bunch of comparison sites out there that can help you save on products and services like health cover, life cover, electricity, home loans, and even hearing aids to name a few!

Comparison sites are quick wins, and a definite must if you’re looking to live frugally without sacrificing a thing. They’re quick, easy and could save you hundreds of dollars a year.





DIY is more than just about saving money. It’s fun! Feel like a kid again and get crafty. Get messy with paint, let your creative juices flow and watch your very own masterpiece come to life.

Stuck on ideas? There are DIY’s for almost anything these days. Make your own walk-in wardrobe from scratch. Plant your own veggie garden. Build a gazebo. Paint something pretty. If you’re not happy with something in your home, there’s a DIY for that.



Are you going to eat that?


If you’re going to live frugally (in style), this should be your motto. If you take it out of its literal sense, “are you going to eat that?” is actually really powerful.

That bit of food sitting on your plate, lonely and desperate, is not something you really want to eat. Let’s face it – you weren’t saving the best for last here.

Often, we still eat that bit of food for no reason other than, it’s there. That all changes when someone sitting next to us asks: are you going to eat that? We’re more than happy to give it away to someone who actually wants it.

Keep this in mind as you set about your newly found frugal life. Just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean you should have it. Give it away – your trash is someone else’s treasure.


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