Affordable Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Birthdays are a wonderful thing. They are a way for us to open a new chapter in our lives and it means a lot to so many people.

Being a kid means that birthdays matter a little more. It’s not every day that a kid gets all the attention in the world showered on them.

We know just how important birthdays are and we want your kid’s next celebration to be the best yet. In the spirit of throwing awesome birthdays, we’ve compiled a list of 10 unforgettable birthday themes that are sure to raise your standard of birthday parties. The themes include:

  • SpongeBob theme party
  • Batman
  • Paw patrol
  • Carnival themed birthday party
  • Dora the explorer birthday party
  • Pancake theme birthday party
  • Unicorn party
  • Superhero girl party
  • Mermaid party
  • Outdoor art party
  1. SpongeBob Theme Party

SpongeBob has been one of the most popular and consistent shows for the better part of two decades. It comes as no surprise to us that most kids would want their birthday party to be about the “man” that lives in a pineapple under the sea.

SpongeBob props are easy to get and set up. All you need is a great baker to bake you a SpongeBob themed cake and a few decorations from Nickelodeon and you’re good to go.

2. Batman

There’s no denying the fact that batman is very popular amongst kids, especially boys. Most boys would do anything to have batman-themed party and would be the envy of all his friends.

Batman party decorations are as easy to find as possible. All you have to do is input “batman party decorations” into your search engine and you’ll find a multitude of retailers.

3. Paw Patrol

It’s no secret that kids love dogs, and the dogs on paw patrol get an incredible amount of love from kids of all ages and genders.

It’s safe to say that with a paw patrol themed party, you can’t go wrong. Paw patrol-themed props and decorations are readily available and easy-to-find.

4. Carnival Themed Birthday Party

A carnival-themed party is sure to set your child’s party apart from all the others. While other parents are busy organising generic television-inspired parties, you’ll be setting the bar high with this original party theme. There are a multitude of carnivals to get inspiration from, so the ball is in your court.

5. Dora the Explorer Themed Party

You might have already deciphered that television shows influence a lot of children’s birthday parties. Dora the Explorer resonates with a lot of kids, especially girls. A Dora themed party might be the best gift you can give your little princess on her special day.

6. Pancake Themed Party

This is the perfect birthday theme for those of us that would prefer a simple yet inexpensive birthday party. A pancake theme party can occur earlier in the day during breakfast. We’re sure that most kids would appreciate a birthday party with juice, donuts and pancakes.

7. Unicorn Party

Unicorns have taken the world by storm, metaphorically. It’s impossible to throw a birthday party for your little princess without considering a unicorn themed party. They are the go-to theme for parents around the world.

8. Superhero Girls Party

Female superheroes are on the rise and they are breaking glass ceilings with ease. If you do decide to throw a female superhero themed party you can rest assured that there won’t be a shortage of props, masks and party favours for you to choose.

9. Mermaid Party

Mermaid themed parties are very popular with girls. Every little girl wants one and every girl deserves one.

Due to the popularity of this party theme, getting party supplies is as simple as A, B, C. You can get ocean themed decorations at the snap of your fingers.

With this theme, there should be a lot of blue coloured decorations, star-shaped balloons and everything in between.

10. Outdoor Art Party

Being outdoors is fun for kids of all ages. An outdoor art party theme does just that. With this party theme you get to throw an awesome party that compels kids of all ages and sizes to participate.

This is the most cost-effective party theme on this list, all you need is a white table cloth, a few paints and a large board and you’re good to go.


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