Selling On Ebay? Know Thy Commandments

  1. Start by buying the best camera you can afford. Instead of looking at the megapixel ratings, concentrate on getting the right sensor size. This is what Faltin recommends and why she bought the Canon Rebel TSI DSLR. Don’t stop once you’ve selected your camera. Make sure you’re getting the best photos by investing in the right accessories and photo equipment such as photo editing software, backdrops. props, tripods, and lighting.


  1. Understand your Market inside out. To effectively research what’s moving on eBay, which trade-ins are active, and what’s hot in general, sign up for


  1. Increase your sales by bundling. Consumers aren’t simply shopping for individual items. They are really seeking solutions to problems. If you have a product with add-ons available, offer it with all of its accessories or a considered assortment of meaningful additions. You’ll be surprised at how well those bundles move.


  1. Take advantage of global shipping from eBay. It’s surprisingly simple to use. To move a package overseas, simply ship your product to an eBay shipping center located in the US. Keep in mind that import fees and duties are going to raise the price for buyers living out of the country. But, if you’re already making overseas sales, you won’t have the headache of figuring out global shipping logistics.


  1. Selling Manager Pro is a must-have. It’s a good deal if you’re selling at least two items each month. As an add-on to your subscription on eBay, it can be easily canceled if you find it’s not working for you.


  1. Have a strategy for selling. If you’re listing regular stock, new products, or commodity items, the Buy It Now option can do a lot for you. Try combining Best Offer with Buy It Now when you don’t know the true ticket price for your product. According to Faltin, this is a good way to boost profits. And, if you start with Buy It Now, it’s a simple process to change it to an auction at a later point. Don’t worry about your customers watching your item on Buy It Now. They’ll get an automatic notification when you change its status. You can generate a lot of interest when you have a high start price or a high reserve because people get interested when they see a lot of bids. Keep in mind that you can start an auction at a dollar, However, this is a much riskier way to go. The final outcome is like rolling a die. You might get too little or you might get a big win.


  1. Let eBay be your friend. They want to help you. They want you to succeed. The company knows what’s going on in your store and actively work to help you succeed. That’s because they don’t try to steal your customers. In addition, it’s very convenient to purchase your postage on eBay.


  1. Develop a strong brand. Take advantage of Photobucket or Imgur by using their free services to host your graphics and logos. Your store will be custom. A custom look is always much better than using the logo template offered by eBay.


  1. Work to gain Top-Rated Plus status. This status sends a strong signal to eBay customers about the trustworthiness of your store. Shoppers who trust are more likely to become customers down the line. Not only that, but you’ll gain valuable benefits as well as discounts once you qualify. You’ll have to work hard to get top-rated plus status because it’s difficult to get as well as keep.


  1. Use Advertising. Advertising is important, after all if nobody knows it exists then they can’t purchase it. Use auction advertising software and tools to help you with this and publicise your auction.


  1. Don’t forget the videos. To help customers understand your products especially when they’re unusual using a video is a definite win. Plus it’s easy to do you simply provide a link to the video on YouTube. If you want your eBay store to have videos watch the session video for more information.


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