The Cheapest Way To Refill Your Soda Stream with CO2

I bought my Sodastream because I love sparkling water. But I don’t love paying for the¬†Sodastream CO2 refills.

It has been a long time since I’ve had any interest in flavoured soda of any type. I stopped drinking it for a few years when I was super health conscious and now it just tastes overly sweet to me.

But I still love those bubbles.

Which is why I invested in my SodaStream. For those unfamiliar with this wonderful machine it is an appliance that can carbonate tap water in 5 seconds.

The gas bottle that comes with the standard size carbonates 60L of water approximately. They cost $30 for a new bottle but once you own one you can exchange the empty bottles at Walmart for only $10.50.

However, being the frugal gal that I am, I found myself wondering if there were even cheaper ways to get it done. And that is when I found the below video about refilling your cylinder with dry ice! My basic rule of thumb is that if it easy to learn to do something yourself then it will end up being cheaper and that holds true for learning how to refill sodastream carbonator at home

WARNING: Please be careful if you decide to do this. I have done it before and it has worked for me but handling dry ice and playing around with the pressure involved in gas canisters is no joke. You could hurt yourself. If you have any reservations whatsoever, just pay for the exchange.


Use 410 grams of dry ice to fill a 60L bottle. In my experience unless your buying quite a lot of dry ice at once you don’t quite manage to only pay $1 for these refills but there are significant savings to be had here! The savings will grow as to get better at refilling the Sodastream bottles with the CO2.



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